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Heat Sensitive Color-changing Mug (Unlocked)

There is nothing more satisfying than starting your day with a hot beverage of your favorite first thing in the morning. That is until you've found out about our latest color-changing mug! While waiting for your favorite drink to brew to the perfect temperature, why not take the time to explore one of Africa's most iconic sceneries during the twilight period? With so many safari animals hiding in plain sight, just exactly how many of them can you find? Your morning coffee routine would never be the same again.



Twilight Period at the Lion's Hill

Commissioned Artist:
Raditya Rifqi (Indonesia)


If you would like to opt out from receiving a physical letter or gifts for your donation, please specify this in the description when making your donation. Otherwise, read the "How do I claim this gift pack?" section. For donors residing outside of Malaysia who wish to claim this gift pack, kindly read "Delivery Info".

Donation Gift Pack 2

  • 1 x letter of appreciation hand-sealed in lacquer wax Eligible for donors residing within and outside of Malaysia
    1 x heat sensitive color-changing mug Eligible only for donors residing within Malaysia at the moment
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