Wildlife & Nature Documentaries
These amazing collections of free-to-watch wildlife series are brought to you by our latest partner Scubazoo.TV, an award-winning, independent natural history filmography production company based in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Please subscribe to their YouTube channel.
Scubazoo | Natural History Unfolds
ScubazooTV | Natural History Unfolds
Title & Trailer
Borneo Jungle Diaries
Go on a mission with environmental photojournalist Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski, a team of dedicated young Malaysian, and international research scientists to safeguard wildlife and unravel the mysteries of Borneo’s jungles.
Borneo Jungle Diaries 2
The world’s wildest scientists are back! Joining them to unravel the mysteries of the jungle is Borneo native and actress Alexandra Alexander. But out of her comfort zone, how will she cope in the second season of Borneo Jungle Diaries?
Borneo Ocean Diaries
Join Alex as she steps out of Borneo's jungles, takes her PADI Open Water certification and dives into the oceans to explore the equally biodiverse and breathtaking marine environment that surrounds the world's third largest island.
Borneo Wildlife Warriors
Follow adventurer Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski, as he trains to become a wildlife ranger with the Wildlife Rescue Unit, an elite group of vets and rangers whose mission it is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home Borneo’s endangered wildlife.
Borneo from Below
A ‘funservation’ series presented by British underwater photographer and dive journalist, Aaron “Bertie” Gekoski. Each episode highlights the unique animals found in Borneo and some of the area’s key environmental threats.
Conservation Short Films
Through stunning cinematography and compelling storytelling, we’ll highlight the many environmental and conservation threats our world is facing – both on land and below the waves.
Destination Short Films
Discover and experience some of the best diving spots without ever getting your feet wet! We’ll take you to remote locations, show you unique experiences and inspire awe – you’ll want to discover it yourself!
Indonesia from Below
Home to more than 17,000 islands and 85% of the world’s coral species, visitors flock to diving spots in Indonesia every year to catch a glimpse of WWII wrecks and whale sharks, hammerheads and hairy frogfish, manta and mola mola.
Scuba Diving in 60 seconds
Experience the best features of the best diving in the world … in 60 seconds.
Shark Shooters
Join colleagues and great friends Jason Isley and Roger Munns as they attempt to gain dazzling imagery of these misunderstood predators - sharks. And learn about the trials and tribulations of experts working on underwater assignments.
Timor-Leste from Below
Timor-Leste from Below will follow the epic journey of environmental photojournalist Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski around Timor-Leste’s most awe-inspiring underwater locations.
Weird Underwater World
The ocean: it’s a weird and wonderful place, bursting with bizarre, brilliant and beautiful life. These Weird Underwater World shorts bring you the best of a place so wild, it must be seen to be believed.