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Ahhh yes... I am what they usually called a "bookworm". But I'm technically a booklice though. Anyway, click on the green book that I am standing on and fill up the form if you wish to be added into the Green Page, I will take care of the rest.


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Academic Qualification
Contact Details
MSc (Conservation & Management of Protected Natural Areas)

Marine Biologist | Founder & Science Writer - Millas y Orillas | Co-founder - Sungai Project

+60 (0)16 722 0183

I'm a Canary island-born Spanish who is also a marine biologist specializing in coral restoration and the management and conservation of protected natural areas. I have worked as an expedition host for 8 years in the national park of the Atlantic Island and several past projects affiliated with the Spanish government.

Mike Pellew

MSc (Sustainable Natural Resource Management)

Wildlife Conservation Ecologist

North Carolina, USA
The bulk of my experience has involved projects that pertain to wildlife conservation. More recently, I have been able to incorporate GIS into my repertoire and am actively looking for projects that allow me to combine my passions for both wildlife conservation and GIS.
PhD (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Urban Ecologist / Conservation Biologist | Lecturer (Arizona State University)

Arizona, USA
Research interest: 1. promoting biodiversity within urban landscapes (how species are distributed in developed areas and how urbanization shapes wildlife communities) 2. social elements of urban ecology 3. understanding not only how people may influence wildlife but how wildlife influences people.
MSc (Conservation Biology)

Office Manager - Animal Projects & Environmental Education (APE Malaysia)

+60 (0)12 209 1472

Selangor & Sabah
Work together with a team of passionate conservationists who run reforestation and animal welfare related programmes. Project sites are currently located at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (BSBCC) and Lower Kinabatangan River in Sabah.
MSc (Biodiversity Conservation)

Co-founder - Reef Stakes | Marine Biologist / Policymaker (Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources)

Kuala Lumpur
Among other things, coordinate Malaysia's representation to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and monitor implementation of the National Policy on Biological Diversity 2016-2025 (NPBD)
PhD (Zoology)

Bat Specialist - South East Asian / Malaysian Bat Conservation Research Unit | Senior Lecturer (USM)

Research interest: ecosystem services, reproductive ecology of small animals
PhD (Ecology and Biodiversity)

Researcher and Associate Professor (USM)

Research interest: tropical ecology, plant signaling & behavior, Culicidae biology & disease prevention
PhD (Zoology)

Primatologist | Head of the Macaca Nemestrina Project | Senior Lecturer (USM)

+60 (0)4 653 3513

+60 (0)11 625 17878

Head of USM Primate Research and Conservation Lab and Scientific Advisor of Malaysian Primatological Society. Working towards research and conservation of Malaysian primates.

Nada Bt. Badruddin

PhD (Conservation Biology)

Entomologist | Research Officer - Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

+60 (0)3 6279 7112

Research interest: firefly biodiversity and conservation.
BA Human Ecology - Marine Conservation

Project Manager (Perhentian Turtle Project) - Fuze Ecoteer

+60 (0)16 653 7955 (Whatsapp)

+60 (0) 13 323 3254 (Call)

Experience in managing interns and volunteers & assisting in nest relocation and hatchery management.

Mazrul Mahadzir

Project Director | Founder - Animal Projects & Environmental Education (APE Malaysia)

Selangor & Sabah
Work together with a team of passionate conservationists who run reforestation and animal welfare related programmes. Project sites are currently located at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (BSBCC) and Lower Kinabatangan River in Sabah.

Leela Rajamani A/P Ramnath Rajamani

PhD (Marine Science)

Marine Conservation Biologist (Dugong Specialist) - CEMACS | Senior Lecturer (USM)

+60 (0)4 653 5922 (Campus)

+60 (0)4 885 2750 (CEMACS)

Research interest: ecology and conservation of marine mammals and their habitats
PhD (Entomology)
Kuala Lumpur
A former insect behavioral ecologist, Dr. Law now journals for Macaranga covering news from all over South East Asia.
PhD (Environmental Biology)

Mangrove Ecologist | Senior Lecturer (USM)

Research interest: mangrove restoration, nutrient dynamic and ecosystem services (using TESSA, palynology, and other tools)
PhD (Parasitology)

Parasitologist | Senior Lecturer (USM)

+60 (0)4 653 3527

+60 (0)12 200 2948

Research interest: diagnosis, genetic diversity, and taxonomy of common intestinal protozoan parasites with special emphasis on Blastocystis in animals
MSc (Zoology)

Senior Project Executive - The Habitat Foundation | Co-founder - Self-sufficient Penang

Board member of Malaysian Primatological Society. Currently researching about the agile gibbon’s population in Ulu Muda Forest Reserve, Kedah.
Diploma (Art)

Wildlife Artist

+60 (0)12 467 1586

An internationally recognized wildlife artist specializes in using watercolor, Mr. Choo has 30+ years of professional experience in painting wildlife. He specializes in painting birds but is also extremely gifted in painting animals of all shapes and sizes! Some of his masterpieces have been auctioned at the Christie's Wildlife Art and Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers.

Chong Chiew Foong

DVM (Poultry)

Poultry Veterinarian

Experience in broiler breeder farms' medicine and day-to-day management across several departments (i.e., hatchery, broiler care-taking, etc)
PhD (Zoology)

Conservation Educator | Assistant Professor (University of Nottingham)

Research interest: large carnivores (e.g. ocelots, clouded leopards) habitat use and the impact in utilizing innovative education (e.g. games) to alter civilian's attitudes and behavior towards conservation issues
PhD (Aquatic Biology)

Researcher and Lecturer - CEMACS (USM)

+60 (0)4 885 2750

Research interest: aquaculture, mariculture (crustacean)
PhD (Marine Biology), Dato

Malacologist (Mollusc Specialist) | Director - Centre for Marine & Coastal Studies (CEMACS) | Professor (USM)

Research interest: diverse marine invertebrates with a special interest in molluscs
PhD (Natural History Sciences)

Marine Invertebrate Systematist (Echinoderm Specialist) - MISB at CEMACS | Senior Lecturer (USM)

+60 (0)11 514 0930

Research interest: systematics, taxonomy, phylogenetic, and biodiversity of marine invertebrates with a special interest in Echinoderms
PhD (Hon)

Wildlife Biologist (Sun Bear Specialist) | Founder - Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

+60 (0)16 555 1256

30 years of cumulative wildlife experience in Taiwan, US, Peninsular Malaysia, and Borneo.

Sylvia Ng Foon Yuan

MSc (Social Research)

Assistant Coordinator (Malaysia Program) - Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

+60 (0) 16 800 5461

Apply techniques in social science (e.g., social surveys) to aid in marine conservation, conduct conservation education and outreach programs for schools and institutions
BSc Zoology (Animal Ecology)

+60 (0)12 825 9975

Simon has production managed and filmed on many big budget projects such as APPLE TV+ Becoming You, BBC Top Gear Borneo, Marco Polo – Netflix, Big Blue Live BBC, Conquest of the Skies with Sir David Attenborough, Last Chance To See with Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine, Deadly 60 with Steve Backshall, BBC Human Planet – Oceans. Simon has also worked on several large international Silver Screen productions as well as commercials and advertising projects for the likes of Samsung, Tribord, Kilroy Travel, Four Seasons and Harbin Beer to name a few.

Shavez Cheema

BB Tourism Management | BA Anthropology

Naturalist & Conservationist | Founder - 1StopBorneo Wildlife

+60 (0)12 824 8052

Founded in 2012, 1StopBorneo has expanded its roots from Brunei to the neighboring country of Malaysia (state of Sarawak and Sabah). Our organization focuses on several initiatives, such as The Pangolin Project, Plant4BorneoElephants, Borneo Dolphin Project, and fauna flora research in rainforests.

Wildlife Veterinarian | Research Associate - DGFC | Co-leader - Health at the Edge Project (H@EP)

+60 (0)13 851 4912

Experience in disease ecology as well as wildlife conservation & management. | @healthattheedgeproject
PhD (Ecology)

Scientific Director - Explore Gaia Enterprise (GAIA) | Wildlife Researcher

+60 (0)12 277 7491

Research interest: Hornbills conservation in Malaysia (specifically at the Kinabatangan)

Ngumbang Anak Juat

PhD (Zoology)

Ecological Statistician | Chief Instructor - Biodiversity Conservation Society Sarawak (BCSS) | 

Vice Chairman - (PELINDUNG)

Research interest: quantitative ecology (application of Bayesian statistical methods in wildlife data analysis)

Wildlife Veterinarian (Assistant Manager) - Sabah Wildlife Department's Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU)

+60 (0)17 694 6018

Rescue, manage, and conduct disease investigation on wildlife for conservation purposes.
PhD (Community Ecology)

+60 (0)82 58 3502 / 2938

Research interest: wildlife biodiversity and conservation
DVM, PhD (Primatology)

Director - Kinabatangan Orang-utan Conservation Programme (KOCP) | Scientific Director - HUTAN

+60 (0)13 875 6009

I spend my time trying to identify ways for people and wildlife to coexist, primarily in Kinabatangan but also anywhere else!
MPhil (Zooarchaeology)

Vertebrate Palaeontologist & Zooarchaeologist | President - Paleontological Society of Malaysia (PALEOSOM)

+60 (0)12 601 6371

Research interest: Quaternary mammal fossils in Peninsular Malaysia and animal remains from archaeological sites in east Malaysia. Special focus on prehistoric biodiversity of Southeast Asian region, especially large mammal faunas.
MPhil (Biological Sciences)

Coordinator (Orang-utan Unit Malaysia Program) - Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

+60 (0)82 239 795

+60 (0)13 313 5848

Work focuses on 1) ongoing orangutan population survey, 2) training & support on wildlife study design, 3) conservation education for the locals

John Madin

PhD (Marine Biology)

Senior Lecturer - University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) | Researcher - Borneo Marine Research Institute (BMRI)

+60 (0)88 320 000 ext.: 2591

Research interest: marine biodiversity with an emphasis in tropical marine ecology, specifically biofouling communities and factors governing the fouling in cage aquaculture. I have an on-going research on biology and ecology of non-indigenous and invasive marine species with particular emphasis on biofouling organisms
PhD (Animal Ecology)

Herpetologist - (IBEC) | Lead Researcher - The Herpetofauna Research Group | Professor (UNIMAS)

+60 (0)12 830 1208

+60 (0)82 582 296

Research interest: herpetological systematics, community ecology, conservation biology, biogeography, and natural history.
BSc Ecology

+60 (0)19 858 8817

Expedition projects span wide across South East Asia. Veteran wildlife photographer.
BSc Biotechnology

Communications Officer & Researcher - Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

+60 (0)13 801 0645

Work primarily focuses on the education and engagement aspect of conservation.

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