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Earth and Space

Abdul Najib Azhfar Aini

+60 (0)13 801 0645 |

BSc Biotechnology

Sarawak, Malaysia

Communications Officer & Researcher - Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

Work primarily focuses on the education and engagement aspect of conservation.

Earth and Space

Abe Woo Sau Pinn

+60 (0)11 514 0930 |

PhD (Natural History Sciences)

Penang, Malaysia

Marine Invertebrate Systematist (Echinoderm Specialist) - MISB at CEMACS | Senior Lecturer (USM)

Research interest: systematics, taxonomy, phylogenetic, and biodiversity of marine invertebrates with a special interest in Echinoderms

Earth and Space

Aileen Tan Shau Hwai

PhD (Marine Biology), Dato

Penang, Malaysia

Malacologist (Mollusc Specialist) | Director - Centre for Marine & Coastal Studies (CEMACS) | Professor (USM)

Research interest: diverse marine invertebrates with a special interest in molluscs

Earth and Space

Annette Jaya Ram

+60 (0)4 885 2750 |

PhD (Aquatic Biology)

Penang, Malaysia

Researcher and Lecturer - CEMACS (USM)

Research interest: aquaculture, mariculture (crustacean)

Earth and Space

Cedric Tan Kai Wei

PhD (Zoology)

Selangor, Malaysia

Conservation Educator | Assistant Professor (University of Nottingham)

Research interest: large carnivores (e.g. ocelots, clouded leopards) habitat use and the impact in utilizing innovative education (e.g. games) to alter civilian's attitudes and behavior towards conservation issues

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for whom I have the utmost respect.

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