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Natural History Unfolds (NHU) is the world's first-ever, multipurpose platform made for the earth & life sciences community. We curate quality content and resources related to natural history, wildlife, and nature from all over the internet so that you don't have to look everywhere, worry about keywords, and spend too much time just to find them.

Why we do what we do? (Our Missions)

A letter from the Founder

Despite being one of the world's most biodiverse countries, Malaysia's local involvement in ecological research, biodiversity preservation, taxonomic identification, paleontological investigation, as well as other niche fields in natural sciences remains largely insufficient. Through generating exposures and awareness, we hope to:

  • emphasize on the need to train more local and international specialists to fight against species loss

  • bring about the continuous exploration and development of natural sciences in Southeast Asia (SEA)

  • encourage the distribution of quality yet accessible learning content that motivates and inspires learners

  • make aware the necessity to recognize, support, and incentivize organizations that are involved in natural sciences, including individuals who wish to pursue a career in these fields

If you specialize in one of these niche sciences, Malaysia needs you now more than ever!

> Join the cause and be the change this country needs

We also welcome passionate individuals from all around the world to join us, especially those from Southeast Asian countries!
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Natural History Unfolds | NHU

What we do and how do we do it?

To put it simply, Natural History Unfolds (NHU) is primarily a content curating site. We gather online resources on earth and life sciences-related topics (which are often scattered around the internet), filter for quality materials that are of integrity, synthesize key information, and then present our findings to site visitors in a more user-friendly format, all within legal means. We use simple tables, filtered video playlists, direct links, simplified blog posts, explainer videos, and other means to help everyday people access and digest deep technical knowledge a little bit better. Traditionally, these jargon-laden knowledge were only accessible to a small group of specialists via thick pages of scientific manuscripts locked away in a university's library. The world is a very different place today from what it once was 20 years ago. Rapid technological advancement in the 21st century has changed the ways knowledge are being acquired and the channels from which information are being disseminated. As more and more research/educational institutions are digitizing their findings as well as providing the public free access to these materials, there is a need to create a centralized, navigation platform to facilitate internet users to find them. We believe in this philosophy - a piece of knowledge that can't be found (and thus can't be applied) is a piece of knowledge of no use.

Secondarily, NHU is also a simple, social networking platform that allows individuals or groups of individuals who are interested in earth and life sciences to connect with one another via the forum, the group page, the yellow page, as well as through the member chat feature at the bottom right corner of the screen. Through this platform, we hope to spread awareness, inspire interest, and eventually create demand and stimulate growth across the various niche science branches in Southeast Asia.

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