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Greetings and welcome. I hope you are enjoying NHU so far. As you probably have already noticed, this platform is completely free for anyone to use, including organizations that wish to promote/broadcast events or activities that are related to nature, wildlife or animals. I am maintaining and developing this site after working hours using pay from my day job. Do read the chart and financial breakdown below for more information. I am being 100% transparent in what this site does. If you would like to fund NHU to support our cause, do consider donating through a couple of ways:
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Account Number: 6405005514
Recipient: Leslie@NHU
Bank: Public Bank Berhad
Bank Address: Menara MAA, Lot G.1 & Lot 1.1, 6, Lorong Api - Api 1, Api-api Centre, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Financial Breakdown:

Current Expenditures                Annual Cost ($, USD)

Wix's Unlimited Plan                             150.00
Domain Name                                         14.95

Plugin (Calendar)                                     47.88

Gross                                                      212.83

The gross value is the bare minimum that has to be paid every year irregardless of other fees. It has not taken into consideration:
Monetary compensation for outsourced content curators, writers, graphic designers, and/or science advisors
Estimated Annual Cost ($, USD)
Fees to acquire credible resources (e.g., reference books and research journals via subscription)
As of now, I am working independently in all aspects of this site. From designing user interfaces to maintaining web pages, from researching and reviewing literature to creating up-to-date learning content, I do it all. I also authored all the other sections by myself which at times can be VERY overwhelming. NHU needs as much funds as it can get to hasten up its growth. As such, I sincerely and humbly thank you for your generosity. No amount is ever too small. If you wish to contribute via other means (i.e., be NHU's guest writer, content curator, science advisor, graphic designer, etc), or, if you would like to sponsor me for graduate school, please do contact me. I would be more than happy to speak with you personally!