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Letter of Appreciation, Hand-sealed with Lacquer Wax (Unlocked)


Thank you for considering to donate to Natural History Unfolds. Your contribution will make the maintainence and the growth of this site possible. For any donation of 5 USD and above, I would personally seal you a "Thank You" letter with lacquer wax and mail it out to you regardless of where you are, as long as you have a physical mailbox that is still up and running! Any donation value above 5 USD that reaches a specific threshold will unlock new gifts, which will be sent together with this letter instead (check out the other donation gift packs).

If you would like to opt out from receiving a physical letter or gifts for your donation, please specify this in the description when making your donation.. Otherwise, read the "How do I claim this gift pack?" section.

Donation Gift Pack 1

  • 1 x letter of appreciation, hand-sealed in lacquer wax Eligible for donors residing within and outside of Malaysia
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