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Watch a video of a nemertean here.

 An adult Lineus longissimus (a species of nemertean) feeding on a dead annelid. 

Video Credit: Bruno C. Vellutini (CC BY-SA-4.0) 


(Ribbon / Proboscis Worms)

Chapter: Nemertea: Welcome


What makes a nemertea a nemertea?

  • Eversible anterior proboscis that are held in a rhynchocoel [1, 2]
    (a sucking organ stored in a fluid-filled cavity that be turned inside out from the front of the animal)

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Chapter: Nemertea

Background Information

Total discovered species:

Commonly Associated Terms

nemertea, rhynchocoel, proboscis

Evolutionary History & Adaptation

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Conservation and Threats

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Additional Resources

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Chapter: Nemertea: List

 Image Credit: CNX OpenStax (CC BY 4.0)

Chapter Advisors and Contributors

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