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Chapter: Invertebrates

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What makes an invertebrate an invertebrate?

  • Simply put, all invertebrates lack a backbone (vertebrae).

  • Despite so, the phylogenetic concept of synapomorphy CANNOT be applied here as this is NOT a formal taxonomic group. It is merely a naming convention created out of convenience to describe all animals outside of the Vertebrata subphylum. 

  • Because urochordates and cephalachordates also lack a backbone (despite being grouped together with vertebrates under the Chordata phylum), they are referred to as "invertebrate chordates".

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Chapter: Annelids
(Ringed / Segmented Worms)


Chapter: Invertebrates

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Chapter Advisors and Contributors

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John Doe
PhD Invertebrate Zoology

Lead Researcher at Zootopia

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James Doe
DVM Invertebrate

Veterinarian at NHU Safari Park

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Ann Doe
MSc Applied Zoo Management

Curator at NHUZoo

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